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    Mac Scrapbooking

    Why Do I Want Mac Scrapbooking Software?

    Most scrapbookers use a computer in some form to create their pages, from simply printing out photos or journaling to designing the whole page from start to finish on their virtual desktop. For Mac users, this creative undertaking is a true pleasure on their computer of choice. In this review site, you’ll find side-by-side comparisons and detailed reviews of the best Mac scrapbooking software along with articles and tips to make digital scrapbooking easier and more productive.

    Mac Scrapbooking Software: What to Look For

    Tapping the scrapbooking muse can be challenging especially if you’re using tools that are more of a hindrance than a help. As we used and evaluated the software featured in this review site, these are the criteria we held each package up against.

    Appeal & Flexibility
    An excellent Mac scrapbooking software package not only provides pre-built pages and albums with the program, it should also allow you to manipulate your images and text. Being able to create multiple project types (such as a photo book or paper crafts) with the software is also valuable.

    The ability to easily import images from multiple sources along with sound, video and third-party digital scrapbooking elements are all hallmarks of a quality Mac scrapbooking program.

    Design Features
    In this area, we considered the number of design tools in the software package along with the capabilities they provide. For instance, text effects should be more than just bold, italic and underline. The photo editor should do more than just flip, rotate and convert photos to black-and-white.

    Output Options
    Output covers both the formats (video, email, PDF, JPG, PNG etc) you can save your scrapbooks as well as the number of additional projects (calendars, envelopes, greeting cards, etc) that you can create using the software.

    Ease of Use
    This answers the question of how easy is it to install and use the software. Is the interface intuitive? Does it take advantage of the Mac’s operating system?

    Help & Support
    No one likes to be left out in the cold especially if you have a question or problem. We evaluated the number of options the developer provided to give the user help learning to use the software’s tools and the ways the user can get technical help if they encounter a problem installing or using the program. We also considered the community features available to the user because scrapbookers tend to be social individuals that enjoy showing their work and being inspired by the work of others.

    If you put all of these things together you’ll have a user-friendly, high-quality Mac scrapbooking software package such as MyMemories Suites, MemoryMixer, and iScrapbook that will make your memory keeping an enjoyable hobby to help you showcase the events of your life, both large and small. Also be sure to check out our articles related to Mac scrapbooking.