PhotoMix from fCoder Group, Inc. is extremely easy-to-use digital scrapbooking software, due in part to a lack of advanced features. More photo editing tools, and more clipart, borders and backgrounds would help PhotoMix to better compete with higher-rated products, but this is a safe choice if you just want to build and share a book in a hurry.

PhotoMix’s strong suit is that it’s so easy to use, especially once you’ve gone through the Getting Started tutorial. The interface’s main screen and tools are well designed and intuitive. Also, most feature icons have brief descriptions that appear if you hold your mouse pointer over them, which will make PhotoMix easy to master.

PhotoMix offers most of the basic photo editing tools that you will find with almost every electronic scrapbooking software, but it lacks a few vital tools, namely image cropping and red-eye removal.

This software lets you share finished scrapbooking layouts with friends and relatives by email, and fCoder also provides a website photo gallery where you can upload finished projects for others to see. You can save your finished layouts in multiple formats, including JPEG, GIF and BMP. You can also pack several images together and send them as a ZIP file.

PhotoMix offers limited file-saving methods, meaning that while you can save a scrapbook as a single layout, you must separate completed projects by subject (i.e. by name or by year), create individual folders, then save the files in the correct folders.

fCoder Group Inc. equips PhotoMix with a brief but well-designed Getting Started tutorial. The software also offers a limited index search and a help section. Most of the text in the help section was useful and easy to understand, but we had a problem with the help instructions for the collage feature; the instructions were confusing and may have been from an earlier version of PhotoMix. PhotoMix also provides additional assistance by telephone and email.

PhotoMix Summary:

PhotoMix by fCoder Group Inc. is a good fit for someone who wants digital scrapbooking software that offers simplicity more than feature power and variety. The templates are not as sophisticated as those that come with other programs, but they will still help you create quality digital pages that organize your memories permanently.


PhotoMix 5.3

This digital scrapbooking software is basic and easy to learn.

There are no tools for integrating narration or music with this product.

The Verdict:

PhotoMix lacks some of the more sophisticated editing and sharing features, but if you need to create a decent digital book in a hurry, it will work just fine.